Expert Explained Types of Door Locks and Their Advantages

Types of Door Locks

Every home or company needs door locks for security. But, you can discover different kinds of locks in different sizes, styles, and designs when you visit the hardware shop. Which one, though, is best for your house?

The ideal kind of lock for you will depend on your demands and this is where we come in. As you read on, we’ll help you choose the best lock for your home. 

Understanding the Basics of Door Locks

There are two main types of door locks: electric and mechanical. For doors that open inward, mechanical locks are often fitted, while for doors that open outward, electric locks are typically used. 

The Evolution of Door Locks Over Time

Door locks have come a long way from their origins which were fashioned out of wood — and later, metal. These security devices have continually shifted in response to society’s needs and the advent of new technology.

Today, we have advanced choices that offer added security, like a smart lock that pairs with your smartphone or a biometric system that requires a fingerprint to allow access. 

This is an evolution that speaks to our never-ending chase for comfort and safety.

The Role of Door Locks in Home Security

According to professional residential locksmiths, there are plenty of considerations to make when selecting the ideal door lock for your residence or place of business. You want something, after all, to secure and safeguard what you have.

  • First Line of Defence: Generally, it stands between your home and a potential intruder. The right door lock can prevent a potential burglar, buying you and your family some valuable time to take the necessary next steps.
  • Deterrent to Burglars: An effective lock system is far more visible than an alarm system. It prevents a break-in from happening by deterring potential burglars, who are more likely to simply move on to an easier target.
  • Safety of Loved Ones: The right door lock plays a greatly expanded role in the overall safety and security of your loved ones. When the system is right, your life at home will be safe and at peace.

The Main Types of Door Locks

types of door locks

Door locks come in many kinds. Each home and office has various security needs and preferences, thus these locks range from traditional to technologically advanced. 

Understanding the types of locks available and how they fit into your lifestyle can help you pick the right one for your door.

Mechanical Locks

  • Cylinder Locks: The most common type of locks for the main door, operated by a key in a cylinder mechanism. Short ones are suitable for a small internal door while long, high ones are suitable for a solid security door.
  • Mortice Locks: Mortice locks are fitted into the door itself. They offer a higher level of security and are known for their reliability. Given their complex mechanism, they are mostly used in a home’s external doors.
  • Deadbolts: These are known for their dependability as well. The strength of their simple design has made them a popular choice across the world. The lock is solid, requiring a mechanism to move the bolt into the door frame.
  • Rim Locks: Mounted on the inside surface of the door, rim locks are older-style locks and are often found in period properties. Although they offer a reasonable level of security, they work better when used with a mortice lock or a deadbolt.

Electronic Locks

  • Smart Locks: With AI devices, our homes now come with smart locks. Remote access, keyless entry, and the ability to see who comes and goes are just some of the features. All these systems are controlled and monitored by your smartphone.
  • Keypad Locks: Tired of carrying a key? To enter, punch a code into the keypad locks. They’re also programmed with multiple codes, ideal for families.
  • Card Access Locks: The systems are typically found in hotels or offices, where a card swipe will either unlock or unlock and disarm the security system. Either way, it’s an efficient way to manage entry to your home.
  • Biometric Locks: They are the ultimate in personal security because your entry is based on your fingerprint or by scanning your eye. What’s guaranteed is that only registered features are getting in.

Choosing the Right Type of Lock for Your Door

Choosing the right door lock requires balancing your security needs with your lifestyle preferences. The perfect lock doesn’t just lend you peace of mind as it also blends seamlessly into your everyday life.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Door Lock

  • Security Level Needed: Think about the kind of property you’re securing and its location. A rural property will have different security needs than a high-traffic urban home.
  • Door Material and Design: Not all locks work with all door types. Be sure to choose a lock that will work with your door’s material and aesthetic.
  • Lifestyle: Constantly on the go? A smart lock may be more your speed, promising security and convenience.

The Importance of Lock Grades and Security Features

Lock grading systems matter, as these grades are determined by testing bodies and reflect a lock’s durability and resistance to break-ins. 

It’s also important to look for other security features beyond these numerical grades, such as drill-protected cylinders or built-in alarms.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Door Lock Installation

Proper installation and regular maintenance are key to ensuring they work optimally. Whether you’re into DIY or prefer professional help, here’s everything you need to know about the basics to keep your locks in top condition.

Professional Installation: What You Need to Know

Some locks are relatively easy to install but others might need professional know-how. Consider the complexity of the lock and your skill level.

Regular Maintenance Tips to Ensure Longevity and Reliability

  • Routine Checks: Establish a schedule for regular lock check-ins to see how well they’re holding up.
  • Maintenance Tip: Once a year, make sure to apply a lubricant to all moving parts and deadbolt turn pieces to keep everything working as it should.
  • Call A Locksmith!: You must stay on top of lock maintenance. If you notice that it’s hard to lock, or unlock, if the bolt is damaged, or if the lock just doesn’t work properly, that’s a dead giveaway that it’s time for regular check-in!

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, and knowing the different types of door locks and their benefits helps make the place you share with your loved ones safe. 

Different types of lock doors offer all kinds of benefits — anything from good old-fashioned reliability to taking advantage of the latest tech. Being informed of why they’re important means you’re bound to find something that suits you.

The right kind of lock keeps you and your loved ones’ peace of mind at an all-time high. Given just how important that is, it’s also important to get the right lock installed and maintained correctly. 

If you’d like some expert advice or a bit of a hand to help with all your lock needs, we at Clockwork Locksmith are here to help. Our friendly team and years of expertise are ready to solve all your lock problems. 

Do you think it’s about time you made sure your home is as safe as can be? Head over to Clockwork Locksmith, and feel safe and sound, night and day.