Key Duplication: From Measuring the Original Key to Cutting New One

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Does your key replacement or key copy require some wiggle room before it will turn? Or, do you have to pry it out of the lock just a hair before you can turn it? Is there a “key duplication near me” to your house in case you get locked out?

Perhaps it’s time to look for where to get keys cut and a key duplication service. Lock pins and keys are both typically composed of brass or a nickel-brass alloy. Worn keys and bent pins are signs of years of use. You should also have a set of spare keys on hand (to be kept by a reliable friend, relative, or neighbor) in case you get locked out or even need help getting inside.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the key duplication process and what goes into it.

What You Should Be Aware of Before Submitting a Request for Key Duplication?

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Whether you need a spare key for your home, car, or office, key duplication is a simple process that can save you time and money. However, before submitting a request for this, there are a few things that you should be aware of to ensure that the process goes smoothly and you get the key you need.

1. Start By Looking for a Reliable Car Key Cutting Near Me

There are a couple of options if you need a new car key due to a loss or malfunction. Your first two options are to look for the cheapest key cutting near me or order one online. These are likely to be the most profitable, but it could take a while to get them. Not to mention, there is a risk involved with ordering online, and even if you find a key that is a perfect match for your current lock, you will need to have it programmed.

2. Type of Key for Key Duplication

The first thing to be aware of is the type of key you need to duplicate. Different keys require different types of key blanks and cutting machines. For example, a car key requires a different type of blank and machine than a house key. It is important to know the type of key you need to duplicate to ensure that the key cutter has the right equipment and expertise to create an accurate duplicate.

3. Security Features

Many modern keys come with security features such as electronic chips or transponders that are designed to prevent unauthorized key duplication. If your key has security features, it may require additional steps and equipment to create a duplicate. Make sure to inform the key cutter or locksmith about any security features your key has to ensure that the duplicate is created accurately.

How Do Locksmiths, Like Clockwork Locksmiths, Make Keys?

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A key duplicator is a machine used for key duplication. In order to duplicate a key, you will need to place the original key in a vice on the side of the equipment that houses the cutter (or blade), and an empty key in a vice on the opposite side of the machine that houses the alignment tool.

Turning on the key duplicator starts the process of cutting a copy of the key from the blank by using the original as a guide. The locksmith will then hone the duplicate key to a perfect fit. The result is an identical copy of the original key and shouldn’t become a restricted key.

Your Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Key Duplication for Your Reference

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Key duplication is a common task that many people need to do at some point in their lives. However, not many people understand the process of this, from measuring the original key to cutting the new one.

Step 1: Measuring the Original Key

The first step in key duplication is to measure the original key. This is done to ensure that the new key will fit properly into the lock. A caliper or a special key measuring tool is typically used to measure the length, width, and thickness of the original key. The locksmith or key cutter will then use these measurements to create a new key that is the same size and shape as the original.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Key Blank

Once the original key has been measured, the locksmith or key cutter will choose the appropriate key blank to use for the duplication process. A key blank is a pre-cut key that is designed to be duplicated into another key. There are different types of key blanks available, each designed for specific types of locks. The key cutter will select the appropriate blank for the type of lock that the key will be used for.

Step 3: Cutting the New Key

With the key blank selected, the key cutter will then use a key-cutting machine to create the new key. The machine uses the measurements taken from the original key to cut the new key to the exact same size and shape. The machine may also be programmed to cut the key to the specific depth required for the lock.

Step 4: Testing the New Key

Once the new key has been cut, it is important to test it to ensure that it works properly. The key cutter will typically insert the new key into the lock to make sure that it turns smoothly and unlocks the lock without any issues. If there are any issues, adjustments can be made to the new key to ensure that it works properly.

Step 5: Finishing the Key

Once the new key has been tested and works properly, it may be necessary to finish it. This can include adding a label or marking the key to make it easier to identify or polishing the key to give it a smooth finish. Most car key cutting prices should not be unreasonably expensive.

What Causes the Key to Jig About?

Jiggle keys are used to open locks without the right key. These tricky keys, called “jiggle keys,” are used to pick the lock. Jiggle keys—also known as “bump keys“—should not be used by the ordinary individual instead of a spare. Consult a professional to ensure that key duplication is seamless.

How Long Does it Take to Copy a Key?

A skilled locksmith needs only a few minutes to make an exact copy of a common key. Time spent copying a complex key can reach up to 25 minutes. Depending on where you get your key copied, the process could take a while.

Reach Out to Clockwork Locksmiths For All of Your Key Duplication Enquiries!

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Here at Clockwork Locksmiths, we’re happy to assist you with any and all key duplication-related enquiries. You can count on our locksmith services to respond to your enquiries, whether you want to know what materials are used to make keys or where to get a key cut. If you have any questions about your key, please don’t hesitate to ask us at 1800 256 259.