Top Advantages of Investing in High-Security Locks

Investing on High Security Locks

Feeling completely secure in your own home or business is truly priceless. But how can you ensure your property and valuables are properly protected at all times? The answer very well may be upgrading to high-security locks. 

These advanced locking systems are constructed differently than standard locks, with more robust materials and complex mechanical designs that prevent picking, bumping, drilling, and even brute force physical attacks. High-security locks offer clear advantages when it comes to safety and peace of mind.

So what exactly makes high home security locks so much more effective at preventing break-ins and enhancing security? Read on to learn more about how they improve protection.

How Are High-Security Locks Different From Standard Locks?

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High-security locks contain a number of features that set them apart from standard, everyday locks. These differences make them significantly more resistant to compromise by intruders.

Lock Construction

High-security locks are made with thicker, tougher metals like steel alloys or titanium compared to standard locks. These sturdy drill-resistant materials prevent criminals from being able to drill through the lock. 

The bodies of high-security locks also tend to be more intricately designed with extra interior components that standard locks do not contain. This complex internal construction makes the lock far more challenging to pick or bump.

Key Control 

High-security locks use keys that are patent protected or proprietary in design. It means the keys can only be duplicated by locksmiths or retailers who have special authorisation from the manufacturer. 

Standard lock keys can be copied easily without any restrictions. By tightly controlling key duplication, high-security locks prevent unauthorised copies that would compromise security.

Locking Mechanism

The internal locking mechanism is another area where high-security locks differ substantially from ordinary locks. They incorporate more advanced features like sidebars, extra pin stacks, and rotating elements that interact to open the lock. 

These special mechanisms are engineered to make picking attempts extremely difficult, even for experienced felons.

Drill Protection

Attempting to drill through a lock cylinder is one popular break-in method. High-security locks deter this technique through reinforced metal housings and stacked plates surrounding the cylinder. Some even have ball bearings or special inserts that ‘explode’ when drilled into, ruining the internal components.

Certification Levels

High-security lock cylinders must meet stringent standards and certifications from organisations like the Australian Lock Industry Association (ALOA) or Australian Builders Hardware Industry (ABHI). 

These ensure the locks provide the highest level of drill, pick, and bump resistance through professional third-party testing. Standard locks have no such mandatory certification. 

Tamper Indications

Many high-security lock models will clearly show signs of tampering if manipulation or an attempted attack has occurred. It quickly alerts homeowners or business owners to potential security breaches so that appropriate action can be taken like changing locks or beefing up protection. Standard locks won’t give any visible warning if compromised.

Why Invest in High-Security Locks?

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High-security locks are constructed to higher standards using reinforced materials that resist picking, drilling, and physical attacks. Their more sophisticated designs and strict key control prevent unauthorised entry far more effectively than normal locks.

Here are some of the top benefits they provide:

Enhanced Protection Against Break-Ins

The sturdy materials and complexity of high-security locks make them incredibly tough to defeat. They offer enhanced resistance against lock picking tools, brute physical force, bumping, drilling, and more criminal break-in methods. Investing in high-security locks reduces vulnerability to intruders.

Increased Resistance to Picking, Bumping, and Drilling 

The intricate internal components of high-security locks, like sidebars, dual locking mechanisms, and mushroom pins, provide specific protection against picking, bumping or drilling that standard locks simply can’t match. 

Picking is frustrated by the multiple shear points, while bumping is prevented by the tight tolerances. And the hardened metals protect against drilling.

Long-Term Durability and Reliability

High-security locks are built from quality materials designed to withstand decades of use without failing or becoming compromised. The longevity means you won’t have to replace locks nearly as often. It therefore helps save money in the long run. Durability also provides consistent protection over an extended lifetime.

Key Control and Duplication Restrictions 

The specialised keys used with high-security locks are heavily controlled and restricted to prevent unauthorised copying. This key control decreases the chances of a criminal duplicating a key to gain entry. It also reduces the risk if a key is lost or stolen.

Integration with Advanced Security Systems

Many high-security locks can integrate well with sophisticated electronic access control, alarm and video surveillance systems used to protect homes and businesses today. Keypads, electronic fobs, or biometric scanners can be used along with the high-security locks for a layered security approach.

Peace of Mind with Improved Safety Standards

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of upgrading to high-security locks is the elevated peace of mind that comes from knowing your residential or commercial property meets the highest lock safety standards. You can have confidence your possessions and loved ones are secured.


While high-security locks do tend to cost more upfront compared to standard locks, the investment pays dividends through enhanced long-term security and durability. For protecting your home, business or valuables against the evolving threat of burglary, few things can match the protection of a properly installed high-security lock system.

At Clockwork Locksmiths, we are experts in high-security lock installation and upgrades to keep your property as secure as possible. Contact us today to discuss how advanced locks from top brands like Abloy, Assa, BiLock and more can protect what matters most – your home, family, and possessions. 

Our friendly, professional team is always happy to advise and find the optimal high-security locking solution for your specific needs and budget. Invest in serious security and peace of mind by upgrading to high-security locks.